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Diaper Cake

April 13, 2015

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Diaper Cake 001

I think this is a cute gift to give at a babyshower or as a maternity gift. You can make it as big as you want and it is easy to make yourself.

In this one I used 44 diapers, ribbon, 44 small rubber bands, 2 pairs of baby socks, a stuffed teddy bear, a bib, a rattle, and a cotton toy car.

I rolled the diapers and then I did the rubber bands around them one by one. After that I did the ribbon around 20 of them. The next layer holds 14 diapers and the top layer 10 diapers. Now you can put the gifts on it and wrapped it. Diaper Cake ready to give.

Diaper Cake 003

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Pop Art by Soozie

May 24, 2012

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I create pop art and now i want to share my art. I use adobe photoshop cs3. It’s a lot of precise work and it takes up a lot of time. Now i’m ready to make them on request. These pop arts can be printed on photo paper and on canvas. Here’s an example.

Noah - original - photo

Noah - Popart

For more info about prices leave a comment.

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Photo Gifts

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I love being creative and for some time now I’m making photo gifts. I make them on request. Here’s an example! This one is in a white frame and packed in foil and i added 2 stuffed animals. Its 20 by 30 cm in size and printed on photo paper. I used two ribbons to tie the foil.

Photo Gift - Foto Kado

For more infomation about prices leave a comment.

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Birth Gifts

April 15, 2012

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Birth Gifts - Geboortecadeaus - Geboortesuikers 2

In the province Limburg it’s tradition to give birth gifts when people come on maternity visit. There are a lot of stores that sell them. We decided to make them ourselves. The idea was to make a crib from walnut shell, with a baby in it from bread dough. We wrapped them in tulle and ribbons. We also added some birthsugar. Here’s the result.

Birth Gifts - Geboortecadeaus - Geboortesuikers 1

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